Before you join, you must agree to the below terms...

① You must have a trade-post either hosted on livejournal or a site. After receiving your starter pack, you must post to your site and let us know you've done so, and then you'll be added to the active user list!
② No drama, harassment, or flame-wars. If you have a problem with another member, contact the admin. This really is a no-brainer.
③ If you are caught taking rewards you did not earn, forging logs, or otherwise, you will get a warning. There is a 3 strike rule before you are officially banned. Don't do this.
④ Don't sign up with someone else's name. Check the username list. This should be really obvious, but...
⑤ Be kind and courteous, don't keep traders waiting. If you will take more than 7-14 days to respond to a trade request, go on hiatus. You can still play the games on hiatus and trade! But people will know you may not trade right away.
⑥ Have fun, stay active, and be awesome!

You will receive 2 cards from your collecting deck and 3 random cards.
Prejoiners will receive 2 cards from your collecting deck and 5 random cards.

a big change? possibly?

Well, I had written a super-long spiel, but... I think this would be better.

I would like to move Reflection to a site-based TCG. At the end of December, I would like for Reflection to go on hiatus while this happens. Livejournal is also making changes I'm not happy with, and I'm not content with running a game from here. The move would take likely a month and the site would re-open in February. If I get a co-owner in the meantime, things will go much more smoothly because they can help me with getting up games, setting up a forum, etc. But this depends on if the co-owner would like to participate in a site-based game or not.

To be honest, part of this is because I am really shocked by some of the responses I got in the latest announcement when I said I needed two weeks to answer things- I didn't intend for this to be a permanent decision, but I have been overwhelmed with school-related things and work (I'm not in school this semester, but applying to go abroad is...) I realized that there was a problem with things, particularly me. I would, in a perfect world, like to answer at least once a week if not more often. A site-based TCG would let me have a clear schedule of updating once per week for masteries and all as well as automated rewards.

With the modified script of permanent reward logs, members would be able to clearly check their logs against the site... as would I!

I appreciate all of the offers for help. I've hired on a stamp-card checker for the time being. Deck makers, you can make some donation decks. Please LJ message me for details.

If you'd like to help still make decks and all during the move, please tell me... I'd love to have some goodies to release for the grand re-opening. :[ I would love to see you guys stick around through the move, but I know already that some of you guys are going to leave. I'm really sorry.

Right now, I would be interested to know who all would actually stick through the move... and who would leave. You don't have to snap at me in your message, but a simple voicing of "I don't approve and I wouldn't stick around" would suffice. :[
princess, christine, original character

Round #6 - Op/Ed Recognition

All comments are screened for this game.

Identify the opening or ending of this anime/game!
If possible, give the source, song, artist, and op/ed!

Identify this Image

You have until Monday, December 10th at 11:59 P.M. to answer.

Previous Round: not yet over

Correct Source: 1 Card
Correct Song: 1 Card
Correct Artist: 1 Card
Correct Identification: (OP or ED?) 1 Card
  • gantai

round #5 - karaoke

All comments on games are SCREENED. They will be unscreened with rewards when the next round is posted.

Guess the song, artist, and anime by its lyrics!

Lyrics: Kimi wa mada yume miru kioku
Watashi wa nemuranai ashita

You have until Saturday, December 8th at 11:59 P.M. EST to answer.
This game is weekly.

Previous Round: Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni's theme of the same title, by Eiko Shimamiya

Participation Prize: 1 Card
Song: 2 Cards
Artist: 1 Card
Anime: 1 Card
  • gantai

round #3 - halloween

hey all! last round some people were having trouble and felt this game was difficult! i'm sorry about that. i'll be taking ambiguous and evil as correct answers for last round, and hopefully this round is easier!

Our TCG opened in October, so it's Halloween all year at Reflection!

Trick or Treat! It's so sweet!
Identify the character & series below based on an image!
Is the character below a hero or villain?
[*Note: if the character is ambiguous, say so! Sometimes characters will try to trick you! Anti-heroes fall under ambiguous for sake of ease.]

You have until Saturday, December 15th at 11:59 P.M. EST to answer.
This game is bi-weekly.

Previous Round: Ikari Gendou, from Evangelion - a villain!

Participation Prize: 2 Cards
Correct Series: 1 Card
Correct Character: 1 Card
Correct Affiliation: 2 Cards

December 2012 Announcement

Updates: This month will be busy due to the holidays, but I hope everyone has a good month. That said, I really need you to contact me if you were applying to be a co-owner. I lost the information somehow. If I don't get responses soon, this TCG will be on a hiatus temporarily until I figure out how to make it run better. D: (I have been considering moving to purely site based which I know would lose some members' interests and would cause some of you to quit, but it would be easier for me.)

Staff Members: Have you welcomed all your new mods? :3 Good.

Special Decks: I'll be resuming this game soon. I'm sorry for the delay. I promise to add them into rewards soon.

Games: Are you satisfied with the current games? Good list going now? I hope so. D:

Deck Releases Not as many this month (whew) because I'm saving some for next month that have already been made!

My Updates I will be answering masteries/milestones/etc. on a biweekly basis. You MAY apply for a milestone at the same time as a mastery if needed, though! Same for trade cards.

I'm going to give this a try this time... by letting you guys choose your choice cards. I will NOT be replying with images.
If you donated to a deck, go ahead and take your choice card, too.


Click on the cards to go to the deck page!

More? Nope. That's it for now. Sorry for the small update this round. :[
  • zeus

Round 6 - Game Name!

Name the video game based on the picture shown!
All comments are screened.

Identify the screencap below - what video game is it from?

You have until Friday, December 7th at 11:59 P.M. EST to answer.

Previous Round: Super Smash Bros Brawl

Participation Prize: 2 Cards
Correct Series: 3 Cards